System Item Mall Destroy Tales of Phantasia iOS version!

Most gamers who grew up together with the main genre JRPG as their favorite course will never miss any series Tales thrown publisher – Bandai Namco to the market. Among all series of classics in the past, Tales of Phantasia which was released on the SNES, GBA, and Playstation has become one of the classic series is so popular, and countless important enough to attract more players to get to know and fall in love with a franchise that one this. Not surprisingly, many gamers, especially those who have an iOS device, look forward to welcoming the re-release on mobile devices that slide in the format of free to play. But who would have thought, this is precisely the ambition of “destroying” Tales of Phantasia own name.


JagatPlay still has not tried the mobile version of Tales of Phantasia, but all the reviews that spread in cyberspace, both from the user and the media, all to the same conclusion – that this series comes as a nightmare. As the game is offered in the form of free to play, microtransactions option certainly be a normal feature for the publisher – Bandai Namco to gain extra money from him. But what happens in Tales of Phantasia? Each microtransactions offered is no longer just an option, but it became a “must”. There are so many elements are added and removed to make mobile gamers do not have any alternative but to buy GTA 5 online to be able to move forward.

Offer it as a free to play game, Tales of Phantasia iOS appears not unlike a nightmare. He seemed designed to make gamers will have no choice but to buy microtransactions they offer. The level of difficulty is higher, the more expensive item, up to a save point omitted crucial point.

This problem is already evident from the fact that Tales of Phantasia iOS is carrying some sort of DRM mechanism, which makes it only be played if your iOS device is connected to the Internet. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to do the save data at all. Parochial again, the mobile version is designed to force you to pour extra money.

The degree of difficulty can not be modified and equivalent to the present level of Hard -GTA 5 console version. Difficult enemies will certainly make your subject and often lost in battle. The bad news? You are required to pay USD 2 / once animate your character. For those of you who might think the system will be saved save, Bandai Namco seems to be more clever. They accidentally erase and negate some crucial save a console version, especially before the boss fight, to make you “forced” to buy revive rather than repeat from distant places. Not only that, all the items in the game is also sold more than twice as expensive, making it impossible achieved only through the process of grinding in the game. You are encouraged to buy an extra gil using real money and how to hack GTA 5 to get Money fore free?.

With a system like this, it is not surprising that a review of Tales of Phantasia The iOS version keeps negative ends, with so much criticism spread. GTA 5 in a classic JRPG, enforceable, and makes it no longer able to be enjoyed? Hopefully this move Namco Bandai did not “push” JRPG publisher to do the same strategy. It’s stupid and insane, honestly ..

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