Some Screenshot The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Leaks

CD Projekt journey to reach the position as a respected developer in the gaming industry is not easy. Polish developer is slowly but surely proving its ability to create a quality game franchise, which is represented by franchise andalanya – The Witcher. After performing dazzling passing two previous series, CD Projekt finally announced the third series – Witcher 3 is planned to be developed for the PC and next-gen consoles. Like what his first appearance? Some screenshots of “exclusive” game magazine – Game Informer spread in cyberspace clash royale astuce.


As we know, CD Projekt does not mess around to make sure the third series manages to look stunning. , The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt itself will be the end of the trilogy, summarizing long adventure Geralt. The use of the latest engine – REDengine 3 visualization capable of ensuring a much more powerful and the opportunity to develop an action RPG game with a spacious open-world world an even more massive. CD Projekt even dare to claim 20 percent wider than Skyrim though. You can listen to these screenshots to get some idea of ​​what you would get in 2014:

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