Repulse: Close Beta Registration Now Open

Repulse will soon go into closed beta period. Interested to play MMOFPS game is this? You can already sign up to play this game in a close beta period began on November 3 last through their official website, Aeriagames. In the website, Queen’s Soft, the developers of this game, it also provides a cinematik interesting enough to be seen:


Repulse is a MMOFPS game that tells the human future when the earth is polluted by uninhabitable. To ensure the continuity of human existence, a group of people decided to look for a new home in the vastness of space highway. They managed to find him! However, unfortunately the planet have the creatures are not happy with the presence of humans. From this war has not terlelakkan, from where Manusa be the aggressor this new planet and you can visit .

Aeriagames is a publisher that has brought Repulse. Name of the publisher of this game is quite popular in the world by presenting various sepert online game Twelve Sky 2, Shaiya, Golden Age, and Wolf Team. The game publisher has three branch offices in the US, Germany, and Brazil.

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