Is this the next generation XBOX?

The gaming industry inevitably had to be heading toward next-generation console technology. Hardware is increasingly lagging behind the dynamic development of the PC that make the console appear as outdated technology. The developers also had no other alternative than maximizing existing devices and often lead to reduced quality of graphics and framerate low. Various rumors that there had been reports that Microsoft itself has been exploring the possibility of a new console in the next one to two years ahead. Is this the consoles they mean?


Enthusiasm for the emergence of a new console gamers not only hit, but also the industry players moving behind him. One of the designers of the company’s famous designer Yanko Design – Joseph Dumary “predicts” The vision of a next-generation console concept futuristic. The console that he calls as XBOX Prestige comes with a smaller size than slim, but with far greater capabilities. With 8 processor cores and 2 TB internal hard drive, XBOX Prestige also comes with GPS capabilities, 3D, and Kinect diembatkan two cameras in it and get

Even if it looks beautiful and convincing, what is done by Dumary is unfortunately still a concept. Neither Sony nor Microsoft seemed still reluctant to share information about the existence of their new console. Logically, gaming technology is constantly evolving and the presence of new technologies like this are unavoidable. But in 1 -2 years? Microsoft itself had confirmed that they would not think that option for XBOX 360 is still able to sell at a pretty good number. We can do this while? Wait and save.

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