Codemaster Reveals Multiplayer Mode Details in GRID 2

Multiplayer mode, one of the modes featured in the first game GRID, will be retained Codemaster in the latest games to the racing game series, GRID 2. However, Codemaster will include some of their latest innovations to add exciting new multiplayer mode in the game which will be released at the end of May 2013. Some time ago, they reveal what kind of innovations that they present to the Multiplayer mode.


Codemaster will utilize their online platform, RaceNet, which is already used in some of their other games, such as Dirt: Showdown and F1 2012, as the main base in the GRID Multiplayer games RaceNet 2. Through these, the vast majority of GRID 2 Multiplayer features will be accessible by the players, such as searching for an opponent race, obtain rivals, and build a reputation as a top racer. Obviously, Codemaster expect these features can provide a full experience like the life of a racer in the real world for the players of GRID 2 Multiplayer and get madden mobile cheats.

Unlike the Single Player mode with emphasis on participation in various series championships around the world, more focused on the multiplayer mode of participation in events of non-racing series and individual challenges. Players can also perform upgrades on the car owned for more opportunities to win the event and the challenges that exist in the Multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, Codemaster not explain in detail related to the upgrade of the car.

For races that are played through the Multiplayer mode, Codemaster also set up a new matchmaking system, where players can find opponents in accordance with the desired parameter. It allows players to get opponents have equal ability with him or similarity of style of play.

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