The Magnificent Seven Review

The Magnificent Seven is a 2016 American action film directed by Antoine Fuqua and the story written by Nic Pizzolatto and Richard Wenk. The Magnificent Seven in 2016 is a remake of a movie that came out in 1960 with a similar title, if the Japanese version of this film titled Seven Samurai (1954). The Magnificent Seven movie starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke. The Magnificent Seven in 2016 tells the seven whiz cooperation helps to protect a village from raiders. In the United States The Magnificent Seven release dated September 23, 2016 and is scheduled to be released in cinemas Indonesia on 21 September 2016. The Magnificent Seven in 2016 gained 6.9 rating from IMDb and 62% on Rotten Tomatoes and visit
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Film Synopsis The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Set in the 1870s after the civil war, Seven Gun with different skills – different. (Sam Chisolm a bounty hunter, Josh Farraday a explosives, Goodnight Robicheaux a Sharpshooter, Jack Horne a tracker, Billy Rocks an assassin, Vasquez a Mexican outlaw and Red Harvest a Comanche warrior) hired to fight Batholomew Bogue, an industrialist evil and the thief-thief. But after meeting with the townspeople they realized if this work is not just for the sake of money.

Sully Movie Review

Sully movie is centered on the figure of the captain named Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks).

One day, an Airbus A320-214 which he was flying out of LaGuardia airport heading North Carolina, was hit by a flock of birds and damage the engine.

Plane shook, and 150 passengers enveloped in tension. Likewise the crew, flight attendants and co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles (Aaron Eckhart).

In the midst of panic, Sully decided to make an emergency landing over the Hudson River. His efforts were successful, passengers and crew survived. watch Sully movie regarded as heroes. However, that does not mean the problem is over.


Investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board questioned the decision taken Sully as a pilot and captain of the flight.

The atmosphere changed, of panic for safety when flying, a problem whether or not the decision taken Sully.

Lifted from True Story

With flow back and forth, director Clint Eastwood with a very smart to keep emotions and suspense throughout the film. From the early minutes of flight, shaken up landing, and even after landing, spectators forced into Captain Sully is full of uncertainty.

Appointed from the real story that happened in 2009, Warner Bros movie script is written Todd Komarnicki.

He does not just rely on the research of the fact, and book Highest Duty Chesley Burnett Sullenberger work alone, but also spice fiction well. So all mixed into one cohesive story that makes it so vivid and so real.

Emotions played slowly audience from one scene to the next. Of tense, soothing and back repeatedly.

Almost in every scene, the film is always present events and new conflicts so that the audience is made to wonder what will happen next.

Outside expertise Eastwood as a director and script are mature, praise should be given to Tom Hanks. Acting mature figures show Sully quiet and calm in a panic, plays an important role throughout the film.

It does not seem there would be the right actor and can rival Hanks as Sully.

The film was a complete passing game in playing the musical accompaniment audience emotionally. In this case, the duo Christian Jacob and Tierney Sutton Band as a composer makes making music sound very appropriate to keep emotions of each scene.

As with other Eastwood films that are often raised humanist heroic story, the film Sully, too, and probably better.

Mechanic Resurrection Review

Film Resurrection or known Mechanic Mechanic 2 is a sequel or continuation of a movie starring Jason Statham in 2011 and titled “The Mechanic” with his main genre, the action thriller. Unlike the previous film which was directed by the film “The Expendables 2”, Simon West, this time the film Mechanic 2 will be directed by Dennis Gansel and didistibusi by Summit Entertainment, which previously had been distributed by CBS Films. With its tagline “Four continents. Three kills … Or the love of his life is dead “and making budget of $ 40 million or around Rp 530 billion, Mechanic Resurrection movie  will be aired at the end of August this year.


The age rating for the movie Mechanic 2:
Because too many scenes of violence and coarse language, the film is directed by Dennis Gansel has been rated Adults that can only be watched by viewers aged 17 years or older or adolescents who are supervised by an adult / parent.

Film Synopsis Mechanic 2:
Hitman, or assassin of the most dangerous in the world, Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) has decided to retire from his job after he escaped from the killer old colleague, Steve McKenna (Ben Foster) who turned into enemies. But the most formidable enemy that knows the weak points of the Bishop, is to kidnap his girlfriend. Knowing that, Bishop was forced back into the assassin’s triple murder that is impossible to do our best and make it appear that the murder as an accident.

best Suicide Squad Reviews

David Ayer is a writer and director Suicide Squad seems to have much to learn more in a packed superhero movie. Overall, Ayer directing quite impressive, he dared to bring an action film with more than 50% of music as background noise in each scene was. Unfortunately, he was hampered by the script and the story of his own shallow. Motivation and purpose of the story is not clear indirectly cover the unique storytelling power of a la David Ayer. His plot was so weak, generic superhero movie and watch on .


Either this is an order from the studio or not, in this film there are many scenes of humor that is rare to be found in other DC films. Perhaps this is a response to criticism of the film Batman v Superman is considered too dark. Fortunately Ayer gave a fitting portion for each character humorous side. Nothing is excessive and nothing less, but the attempt to reach the hearts of the audience and the critics are too outspoken shown by DC.

The film is forced to still look better and also “cool” even though the story does not have a clear purpose. In my opinion, if the Suicide Squad so the main part of the story timeline DCEU, then this film is not important to be made. Why? Because DCEU will continue to run with the story of the other films. There is no common thread or important idea in this film concerning DCEU story. Ending in this film was like a made-up to be able to connect to a new story. Yet all still be shown in a solo movie Batman, The Flash, Justice League, or even Wonder Woman. One thing is certain, the studios are trying to correct mistakes from the movie Batman v Superman, that just makes Ayer and Suicide Squad disoriented. Still remember the rumors that the film Suicide Squad do a reshoot in last April?

Behind the shortage, there are positive points that can be learned in this film. Fun and action also serving a barrage of making this film was so fast and flowing. Sung with full distortion, the music is present in the film is also reinforce bad guys feel of the characters. Ayer arguably has the good sense to put the music in this film. In addition to musical taste, uniqueness Ayer also comes from the style of visual effects which he presented. Like watching a game in the cinema, Ayer shows many bright colors and stunning graphics that match the tone of this film. His CGI looked neat, although there are some parts that feels less polished.

If you consider that Batman v Superman shortage of humor, the Suicide Squad managed to patch up this error. But unfortunately, the Suicide Squad creating new fault again that the shallowness of the story and production (reportedly) apart. Expectations are so high you must be buried deep because overall the film is mediocre and not leave the impression that excess. In fact, Batman v Superman is in fact considered so chaotic scene still has plenty of stunning and memorable.

Why Batman v Superman Ended The Way It Did

The accompanying article contains monstrous spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the event that you haven’t seen the film yet, and don’t wish for any of the components to be destroyed, please click away to another of our awesome articles.

When Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice attracts to a nearby, the main Kryptonian loses his life. Indeed, even with Batman and Wonder Woman battling close by, the Man of Steel finds that the tremendous Doomsday is just an excessive amount to handle, and they both figure out how to kill each other in their last minutes (a Kryptonite-tipped lance helping neither of them. As you may envision, this was effectively the most discussed course of occasions off camera of the film, yet it was at last accepted to be fundamental keeping in mind the end goal to demonstrate the DC Cinematic Universe and groups of onlookers the significance of Superman and batman vs superman full movie online.


I had the chance to touch on numerous Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-related points when I sat down one-on-one with maker Charles Roven prior this month at the film’s press junket in Los Angeles, California – yet it was at the very end of the meeting that I raised the blockbuster’s greatest spoiler. I got some information about the open deliberation that went into the choice to slaughter Superman in the film, and the producer clarified what went ahead in the motion picture’s generation workplaces, and why the specific imaginative choices were made. Said Roven,

We invested a huge measure of energy discussing it. We felt it was fundamental, above all else, it was a piece of the ordinance and we loved that. Second of all, we expected to truly remind the group of onlookers what an extraordinary character this person is, and it doesn’t get more enthusiastic at that time.

Obviously, the last snippets of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice abandon some squirm room about the lastingness of the eponymous outsiders’ destiny – particularly with a couple of specs of soil. In the film’s end minutes, particles of earth that are laying on Superman’s box start to vibrate and suspend, recommending that the character’s passing doesn’t mean he’s story is over. As indicated by Charles Roven, this was a specific minute that was intensely talked about in the altering room, and numerous inquiries were raised about how precisely the arrangement ought to go down:

Finding Dory Review

Pixar’s movie producers aren’t safe to the possibility that every one of kids’ movies need ethics. They’re only innovative about what they instruct their gathering of people. Excessively numerous child available vivified movies gush non specific, well-worn tropes: take after your fantasies, have faith in yourself, you can do anything on the off chance that you attempt. Yet, Pixar’s Inside Out goes to bat for bitterness as an accommodating feeling. Up shows grade-schoolers that they’ll never be excessively old for undertakings, even once their accomplices and their energetic dreams kick the bucket. What’s more, in 2003, Finding Nemo turned into a $900 million film industry crush by admonishing overprotective guardians, urging kids not to let their people’s apprehensive whining keep them down, and tenderly recommending that handicaps aren’t the same as impediments


The continuation, Finding Dory, pairs down on that last thought with a whole story concentrated on adapting to inability and misery, framed in the standard Pixar trick enterprise. Discovering Nemo’s title character has one undersized blade and isn’t a solid swimmer, yet affliction and a comparatively balance hindered good example construct his certainty. Thus, Finding Dory has a character with a weakening debilitation who creates methods for dealing with stress, gets help where she can, progresses when help isn’t accessible, and succeeds all alone terms. As it were, this is another “Put stock in yourself and you can do anything” story. In any case, by refining and centering that message, essayist executive Andrew Stanton and co-chief Angus MacLane make it significantly more important. Numerous children won’t see the message: Finding Dory doesn’t clarify it in disparaging point of interest. Yet, it’s liable to hit home for the viewers who most need it, and distinguish most intimately with the story.

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

There’s undeniable value in energizing superhero popcorn motion pictures, however as the opposition turns out to be increasingly modern, instinctive, and character-driven, it gets harder to present a defense for movies that don’t meet those principles. This is particularly clear with watch X-Men: Apocalypse online, not on the grounds that it’s one major frustration completely through, yet rather on the grounds that it begins off so solid and afterward reverts into aggregate jabber.


The film commences in the Nile Valley in 3600 BCE with a prologue to Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac). Luckily he’s fixed inside a pyramid for a huge number of years, yet then in 1983, he’s sans set and starts enrolling his Four Horsemen with the goal that they can “purge” the world together. End of the world opens with a great deal of power on account of that first succession. The blend of the excellent scale obliteration with the building choral music and the high stakes ticking clock that accompanies Apocalypse’s central goal to exchange his cognizance to another body makes for a particularly effective begin that flings you into the opening title arrangement with a lot of force.

x-men-end of the world tempest

Picture by means of twentieth Century Fox

The acquaintances with Apocalypse’s Horsemen function admirably as well, generally. Ben Hardy has an incredible, characteristic on-screen nearness and brings an interesting, unhinged edge to Angel. Tempest’s (Alexandra Shipp) one of the all the more intriguing Horsemen to track since her opening succession tries highlighting individual qualities, as opposed to simply tossing her with Apocalypse since she’s hit absolute bottom. Olivia Munn’s Psylocke, then again, just signs up in light of the fact that she feels like it, has truly no identity and winds up being a standout amongst the most baffling new mutants in the motion picture.

And after that obviously we have Erik (Michael Fassbender). Since the occasions of Days of Future Past, he’s made a pleasant, calm life for himself with his better half and little girl while effectively separating himself from what he’s done as Magneto. As one may expect, concealing his forces and character doesn’t keep going long and the scene that causes him to switch apparatuses is effectively the most passionate scene of the whole film and batman vs superman online.

Over on the great person side, we start with Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers. He gets a brief source story of sorts, however it’s all that anyone could need material to mirror the high points and low points of his new capacity and how it totally changes his way of life. It’s through Scott that we meet Sophie Turner’s Jean Gray and get reacquainted with commonplace appearances including Charles (James McAvoy) and Hank (Nicholas Hoult). Turner is flawlessly fine as Jean, yet the character doesn’t exactly pop as one may trust, particularly contrasted with Scott and Nightcrawler.

Captain America: Civil War Reviews

More so than whatever other superhero motion picture, Captain America: Civil War online prosecutes the very men and ladies should be thankful for. It requests that these saints investigate at the decimation they’ve created far and wide, confront their blame and concede that their presence might be more risky for humankind than advantageous.

The motion picture is not a festival of the superhero squad, but rather a judgment. On the off chance that The Avengers was first experience with what the group could do to shield their home from extraordinary dangers, Civil War is the chilling indication of the pulverization and catastrophe that likewise accompanies it.


From multiple points of view, Civil War is Marvel’s darkest and heaviest motion picture to date, yet that is a piece of what makes it the studio’s ideal. After near 10 years of viewing these legends make their mark, flying around Earth and transporting themselves to various universes, Civil War is the principal really human motion picture around a group of superhuman people.

Civil War

While Civil War presents a real scalawag for the group to bring down, the greatest fight in the film is with each other over the level of flexibility they have. It’s not an issue of physically taking that political opportunity away, however an ethical quandary about whether they’ve mishandled their benefits and regardless of whether it’s an ideal opportunity to concede that they may bring about more damage than great to the very populace they promised to ensure.

To be a superhero, things must be relinquished. Individual connections, a chance at an ordinary life or even simply having the capacity to take a get-away. Existing as a remarkable being means surrendering the common parts of life that large portions of us underestimate. The tradeoff for living a secluding and weight filled life that accompanies being a superhero is the insurance and survival of the spot they call home. When they’re confronted with the truth of the results of their activities, in any case, they start to address all that they thought they knew. It’s that interior battle that in the long run prompts the fabulous fight between themselves where the motion picture discovers its heart.

Regardless of the greatness of the motion picture, in any case, the trademark amusingness and talk between the characters is still particularly introduce all through the film. Their undeniable affection for each other, as a group of rebels bound together by their superhuman capacities, just adds to the awful disintegration of their trust and family relationship with each other.

Captain America: Civil War is, without inquiry, the best motion picture to leave Marvel Studios in the previous eight years, and it’s difficult to perceive how they’ll top it going ahead.

Semi taking into account the 2006 Marvel Comics hybrid occasion of the same name, there’s a few diverse story curves happening in Civil War. There’s the continuation of Bucky Barnes’ (otherwise called the Winter Solider) convoluted association with previous closest companion, Steve Rogers otherwise known as Captain America. There’s another danger being postured to the Avengers, and thus, whatever is left of mankind by an obscure reprobate. Be that as it may, the greatest storyline by a wide margin is the fight between Captain America and Iron Man about whether or not to sign the Sokovia Accord.

Like the Superhuman Registration Act in Mark Millar’s comic, the Sokovia Accord is a lawfully restricting contract that would constrain the different superheroes around the globe to work as a branch of the United Nations. Rather than having the capacity to fly into any nation they like, endeavoring to take out hazardous men and ladies, they would require appropriate freedom from the U.N. as a methods for regarding and respecting the principles of sovereign states.