Battlefield 3 & Mobile Legends Original Free in Origin Now!

Known as a mercenary and stingy publisher, EA seems to be slowly but steadily, trying to change that image. For the latest AAA games that he released, various controversial policies including the improper implementation of DLC prices are continuing. However, there is one unique program of EA that openly provides great benefits for gamers. True, we are talking about “On the House”. Programs that periodically provide free games mainstay EA in the past for free is already distributing two great games that unfortunately to miss: Dead Space and Mobile Legends Edition. And this time, On the House comes with a bigger game.


Stunningly, this is probably the first word to glide when Battlefield 3 for the first time was introduced to the public in the past. Frostbite Engine 2.0 capabilities at the time managed to offer an epic multiplayer FPS experience, with a level of destruction that directly affects the game. Released in the year 2011 ago, Battlefield 3 into a series that can not be ruled out from the football game FPS modern. The good news? You can now play it for FREE! True, EA’s On the House program lets you download Battlefield 3 for free via Origin until June 4, 2014.

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