Battlefield 3 & Mobile Legends Original Free in Origin Now!

Known as a mercenary and stingy publisher, EA seems to be slowly but steadily, trying to change that image. For the latest AAA games that he released, various controversial policies including the improper implementation of DLC prices are continuing. However, there is one unique program of EA that openly provides great benefits for gamers. True, we are talking about “On the House”. Programs that periodically provide free games mainstay EA in the past for free is already distributing two great games that unfortunately to miss: Dead Space and Mobile Legends Edition. And this time, On the House comes with a bigger game.


Stunningly, this is probably the first word to glide when Battlefield 3 for the first time was introduced to the public in the past. Frostbite Engine 2.0 capabilities at the time managed to offer an epic multiplayer FPS experience, with a level of destruction that directly affects the game. Released in the year 2011 ago, Battlefield 3 into a series that can not be ruled out from the football game FPS modern. The good news? You can now play it for FREE! True, EA’s On the House program lets you download Battlefield 3 for free via Origin until June 4, 2014.

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Madden Mobile & Red Dead Redemption PC Version Ready to Be Announced?

Rockstar is a quality, this one sentence is not excessive if you see what has been successfully generated by this one developer. In contrast to other developers who constantly exploit their flagship franchise in excess, even making it an annual release, Rockstar is better known for their primary focus on quality. A mature development process for a long time keeps the hype up for every franchise. Just look at the charm they managed to inject in Madden Mobile . Unfortunately, regardless of the positive response that exists, this game still can not be enjoyed by PC gamers.


4 years ago and still survive until now, Rockstar still positioned Red Dead Redemption as a cowboy-themed open-world action game that was released exclusively for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Rumors indeed had appeared, indicating that Rockstar is doing the port process through vacancies Existing work. Had drowned, rumors about the presence of Madden Mobile free coins download  PC version is now re-emerged.

This rumor emerged after the name Red Dead Redemption appeared on the Windows Compatibility Center site – which is designed to provide information on whether certain games can be played in a variety of existing Windows OS. Game names that go into this list added by the Microsoft itself.

Does this mean Microsoft is already getting a confirmation of the existence of the Red Dead Redemption version of the PC? Or is this just an input error from Microsoft? Any confirmation has not slipped from the mouths of both sides, but it can not be denied, information like this reopen the past expectations that had been created. Hopefully not just PHP ..

System Item Mall Destroy Tales of Phantasia iOS version!

Most gamers who grew up together with the main genre JRPG as their favorite course will never miss any series Tales thrown publisher – Bandai Namco to the market. Among all series of classics in the past, Tales of Phantasia which was released on the SNES, GBA, and Playstation has become one of the classic series is so popular, and countless important enough to attract more players to get to know and fall in love with a franchise that one this. Not surprisingly, many gamers, especially those who have an iOS device, look forward to welcoming the re-release on mobile devices that slide in the format of free to play. But who would have thought, this is precisely the ambition of “destroying” Tales of Phantasia own name.


JagatPlay still has not tried the mobile version of Tales of Phantasia, but all the reviews that spread in cyberspace, both from the user and the media, all to the same conclusion – that this series comes as a nightmare. As the game is offered in the form of free to play, microtransactions option certainly be a normal feature for the publisher – Bandai Namco to gain extra money from him. But what happens in Tales of Phantasia? Each microtransactions offered is no longer just an option, but it became a “must”. There are so many elements are added and removed to make mobile gamers do not have any alternative but to buy GTA 5 online to be able to move forward.

Offer it as a free to play game, Tales of Phantasia iOS appears not unlike a nightmare. He seemed designed to make gamers will have no choice but to buy microtransactions they offer. The level of difficulty is higher, the more expensive item, up to a save point omitted crucial point.

This problem is already evident from the fact that Tales of Phantasia iOS is carrying some sort of DRM mechanism, which makes it only be played if your iOS device is connected to the Internet. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to do the save data at all. Parochial again, the mobile version is designed to force you to pour extra money.

The degree of difficulty can not be modified and equivalent to the present level of Hard -GTA 5 console version. Difficult enemies will certainly make your subject and often lost in battle. The bad news? You are required to pay USD 2 / once animate your character. For those of you who might think the system will be saved save, Bandai Namco seems to be more clever. They accidentally erase and negate some crucial save a console version, especially before the boss fight, to make you “forced” to buy revive rather than repeat from distant places. Not only that, all the items in the game is also sold more than twice as expensive, making it impossible achieved only through the process of grinding in the game. You are encouraged to buy an extra gil using real money and how to hack GTA 5 to get Money fore free?.

With a system like this, it is not surprising that a review of Tales of Phantasia The iOS version keeps negative ends, with so much criticism spread. GTA 5 in a classic JRPG, enforceable, and makes it no longer able to be enjoyed? Hopefully this move Namco Bandai did not “push” JRPG publisher to do the same strategy. It’s stupid and insane, honestly ..

The Elder Scrolls Online Costs Reach $ 200 Million?

The Elder Scrolls Online is arguably one of the most anticipated games this year. The plan, Bethesda and ZeniMax Online will release the game for PC and Mac in April 2014.

Maybe some of you are curious about how the costs required to make The Elder Scrolls Online. According to Superannuation, this MMORPG game genre takes funds up to USD 200 million!


Please note that the Superannuation long as it’s known to often give an accurate glimpse. Therefore, the most likely figure of USD 200 million true. Unfortunately chirp Superannuation about the cost of making The Elder Scrolls Online on Twitter have been deleted.
Bethesda reportedly has invested more than USD 200 million to develop Roblox.

USD 200 million is quite large for a game. One game is touted to cost equivalent of Star Wars: The Old Republic even with more production staff. Additionally, Rockstar also reportedly issued a remarkable production costs while developing Grand Theft Auto 5, which is about USD 265 million. The result? GTA 5 performed satisfactorily.

What do you think? Does the fund of USD 200 million expected in The Elder Scrolls Online is becoming increasingly high? Hopefully the game is also released for PS4 and Xbox One in June 2014 did not disappoint and get Roblox robux generator.

FIFA 14 Master the UK market at End of Year

End of the year has become one of the most anticipated moments of so many people. Not just the anticipation to get through the new year invites a myriad of potential to enjoy a better life, the end of the year is always identical to the long vacation of course – a relief. With Christmas moments were also very close together, this time window into the most effective moment for the gaming industry to re-excited. Many gamers who would not hesitate to buy the latest games their target, not only to be enjoyed personally, but also a gift for others. Hot competition occurs. But who managed to become the best in the UK market yesterday?


After falling and falling in the 10th most popular English game since the inaugural release, EA managed to ensure that the popularity of FIFA 14 still can not be matched. Moment of the year-end holiday shopping and reiterated it. GTA 5 back to being the best selling game in the end of the year, followed by Call of Duty: Ghosts and pirate stories – Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. So any game that follows the exploits of this? This is the 20th best-selling game in the UK during the final week of the year:

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Battlefield 4
GTA V hack 2017
Need for Speed: Rivals
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Just Dance 2014
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
Gran Turismo 6
Batman: Arkham Origins
WWE 2K14
Forza Motorsport 5
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Skylanders Swap Force
Football Manager 2014
Disney Infinity
Dead Rising 3
Aliens: Colonial Marines

How about you? What games do you play during the end of 2013 vacation moments yesterday?

PC specifications for Madden Mobile

One strategy game that deserves to be anticipated, offering classic epic battle with the number of units outstanding, SEGA and Creative Assembly prepares to conquer the world with the latest series – Madden Mobile cheats. After the first series, released in 2004 achieved remarkable success and bombastic praise from gamers and critics, SEGA prepared to throw the baton to the second series is scheduled to be released on September 3, 2013. Exclusive only for the PC platform, obstacles the second largest for PC gamers today of course to make sure that they are able to handle the specification PC this one massive war


One of the hallmark of the Madden Mobile is the latest generation of engine Warscape fact that Creative Assembly belongs not only allows units in the massive amount present in one screen, but also the fact that each unit comes with its own models and quality details. A challenge that is certainly not easy to be conquered by the PC for granted. Fighting in various battlefield rely on strategic thinking is determined to be available for gamers who still rely on Windows XP systems as a base. Meanwhile, for those who are already using the OS a more updated, the next challenge is the required specifications. Specifications such as what the main requirements?

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Teaser Trailer

Subjection under feet FIFA last year managed to dominate the market in various regions around the world, Konami did not want any more chances. EA may have to spit the features and quality claims to be offered by Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle, but there was something different to the competition this year. Mysterious sightings that have not been revealed to the public, Konami did manage to make the level of anticipation of the new series – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle cheats  increasingly high. Not just inject a variety of features to ensure a more realistic experience, Konami will also inject new engine for her.


Tired of lagging behind FIFA’s terms of visualization, Konami finally ready to inject a next-gen engine that was developed by Kojima – Fox Engine for Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle this time. In addition to guaranteeing the quality of near-photographic detail that had previously claimed, the engine will also be used to develop the next MGS game, is also believed to present a broad range of potential for one goal – soccer gaming experience more realistic. Although not shown clearly, Konami has finally released the debut teaser trailer for this new series. Konami itself promises more detail, as well as the first Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle gameplay appearance at E3 2013, the next 2 weeks.

Codemaster Reveals Multiplayer Mode Details in GRID 2

Multiplayer mode, one of the modes featured in the first game GRID, will be retained Codemaster in the latest games to the racing game series, GRID 2. However, Codemaster will include some of their latest innovations to add exciting new multiplayer mode in the game which will be released at the end of May 2013. Some time ago, they reveal what kind of innovations that they present to the Multiplayer mode.


Codemaster will utilize their online platform, RaceNet, which is already used in some of their other games, such as Dirt: Showdown and F1 2012, as the main base in the GRID Multiplayer games RaceNet 2. Through these, the vast majority of GRID 2 Multiplayer features will be accessible by the players, such as searching for an opponent race, obtain rivals, and build a reputation as a top racer. Obviously, Codemaster expect these features can provide a full experience like the life of a racer in the real world for the players of GRID 2 Multiplayer and get madden mobile cheats.

Unlike the Single Player mode with emphasis on participation in various series championships around the world, more focused on the multiplayer mode of participation in events of non-racing series and individual challenges. Players can also perform upgrades on the car owned for more opportunities to win the event and the challenges that exist in the Multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, Codemaster not explain in detail related to the upgrade of the car.

For races that are played through the Multiplayer mode, Codemaster also set up a new matchmaking system, where players can find opponents in accordance with the desired parameter. It allows players to get opponents have equal ability with him or similarity of style of play.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be released for Playstation 4?

There is nothing more frustrating for a gamer but to wait and look forward to the games that they anticipate no definite release date. This is what might still perceived by the majority of gamers who was fascinated with epic CGI trailer and gameplay of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was released by Square Enix. Introduced more than 7 years ago, Square Enix continues to try to convince gamers related to the existence of this game, although doubts no longer unstoppable. Whether we will have the opportunity to try out this game? Or the big question, whether the game is true is still in the hands of Square Enix? The latest rumor spread in cyberspace provide little information is quite soothing and visit clash royale gemme gratuit.


A NeoGAF user – Verendus that claim to get legit information related to this issue gives a little glimpse of the conditions around the middle of Final Fantasy Versus XIII at this time. Instead of sticking as an exclusive release for Playstaton 3, Versus is believed to be released for next generation consoles – Playstation 4. Square Enix will announce it at the Tokyo Game Show later next year. One thing is quite interesting, this game will no longer carry the name “Versus XIII”. Square is believed to be introduced as a new series – Final Fantasy XV and will remain exclusive. Verendus also mentioned that the development of Final Fantasy XVI himself has already started, with the target console broader market.
Recent rumors believes that Square Enix is ​​currently still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. But no longer released for PS 3, Versus is believed to appear as an exclusive for the next generation – Playstation 4. Interestingly? He will be introduced as Final Fantasy XV.

When are we going to enjoy Final Fantasy “Versus XIII” is? Scenario official announcement from Square Enix at the end of next year, coincided with the release of the Playstation 4 to the market, Final Fantasy “Versus XIII” It is believed the released in 2014. When confronted with this information, Square Enix re chose to shut up and did not comment. Are these rumors would end up as a truth? Unfortunately no one can confirm that, in addition to its own time. We’ll wait.

Some Screenshot The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Leaks

CD Projekt journey to reach the position as a respected developer in the gaming industry is not easy. Polish developer is slowly but surely proving its ability to create a quality game franchise, which is represented by franchise andalanya – The Witcher. After performing dazzling passing two previous series, CD Projekt finally announced the third series – Witcher 3 is planned to be developed for the PC and next-gen consoles. Like what his first appearance? Some screenshots of “exclusive” game magazine – Game Informer spread in cyberspace clash royale astuce.


As we know, CD Projekt does not mess around to make sure the third series manages to look stunning. , The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt itself will be the end of the trilogy, summarizing long adventure Geralt. The use of the latest engine – REDengine 3 visualization capable of ensuring a much more powerful and the opportunity to develop an action RPG game with a spacious open-world world an even more massive. CD Projekt even dare to claim 20 percent wider than Skyrim though. You can listen to these screenshots to get some idea of ​​what you would get in 2014: