Is this the next generation XBOX?

The gaming industry inevitably had to be heading toward next-generation console technology. Hardware is increasingly lagging behind the dynamic development of the PC that make the console appear as outdated technology. The developers also had no other alternative than maximizing existing devices and often lead to reduced quality of graphics and framerate low. Various rumors that there had been reports that Microsoft itself has been exploring the possibility of a new console in the next one to two years ahead. Is this the consoles they mean?


Enthusiasm for the emergence of a new console gamers not only hit, but also the industry players moving behind him. One of the designers of the company’s famous designer Yanko Design – Joseph Dumary “predicts” The vision of a next-generation console concept futuristic. The console that he calls as XBOX Prestige comes with a smaller size than slim, but with far greater capabilities. With 8 processor cores and 2 TB internal hard drive, XBOX Prestige also comes with GPS capabilities, 3D, and Kinect diembatkan two cameras in it and get

Even if it looks beautiful and convincing, what is done by Dumary is unfortunately still a concept. Neither Sony nor Microsoft seemed still reluctant to share information about the existence of their new console. Logically, gaming technology is constantly evolving and the presence of new technologies like this are unavoidable. But in 1 -2 years? Microsoft itself had confirmed that they would not think that option for XBOX 360 is still able to sell at a pretty good number. We can do this while? Wait and save.

Repulse: Close Beta Registration Now Open

Repulse will soon go into closed beta period. Interested to play MMOFPS game is this? You can already sign up to play this game in a close beta period began on November 3 last through their official website, Aeriagames. In the website, Queen’s Soft, the developers of this game, it also provides a cinematik interesting enough to be seen:


Repulse is a MMOFPS game that tells the human future when the earth is polluted by uninhabitable. To ensure the continuity of human existence, a group of people decided to look for a new home in the vastness of space highway. They managed to find him! However, unfortunately the planet have the creatures are not happy with the presence of humans. From this war has not terlelakkan, from where Manusa be the aggressor this new planet and you can visit .

Aeriagames is a publisher that has brought Repulse. Name of the publisher of this game is quite popular in the world by presenting various sepert online game Twelve Sky 2, Shaiya, Golden Age, and Wolf Team. The game publisher has three branch offices in the US, Germany, and Brazil.

Clash of Clans a game with taste

A big question mark is the standard every time we talk about what is considered appropriate or inappropriate for those living in mainland Europe and the United States. It’s no secret that we often find game Japanese release which eventually had to cut some of the content, from the side of the story to the visual, to minimize criticism when it is rolled into the West. Just look at what Nintendo with Fatal Frame series and the latest Fire Emblem have decried the removal of features, mainly related to the exploitation of female characters who exist. But that does not mean all games will go through the same process. Game Team Ninja’s latest concoction – Clash of Clans hack it will appear more brutal in its Western version.


For those of you who forgot, Clash of Clans a game with taste ala Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden with a setting that will make you who had tasted in the past Onimusha feel familiar. Planned for release this year, the developer – Team Ninja ensure that Clash of Clans will appear more brutal version of the West than in the Japanese version. Its Western version will load the content mutilation which will allow the main character to not just kill the enemy that he met, but also make them end up being a few pieces parts. This was confirmed via their official Youtube account.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Yoga Exercises

Sex favors and lasts longer influenced by man’s ability to control his breathing. In this case the man must be able to keep emotions to be able to enjoy sexual intercourse phase stage by stage from foreplay to climax. Habits haste when intercourse causes men ejaculate prematurely. Through proper breathing, men with erectile dysfunction can practice to improve the quality of sex does and get ebbok on here .

How to treat erectile dysfunction with breathing does not cost a cent. Only men have to be patient and keep practicing in order to maintain emotional resilience breathing smooth and stable. In addition, men also need creativity when having sex with doing a wide variety of sex so that intercourse can be more fun. Anyway, you are right to have sex with his own wife lawful and religion, so do not be afraid and worry about other people getting caught, right? Unless you have sex outside of marriage, of course another story.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction through the practice of yoga is concerned with the flexibility of limb hands, feet, reproductive organs and muscle health in general. Just as with the methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction through breathing exercises, yoga practice also focuses on the process of inhaling oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Body movements slow and rhythmic in the fresh air can help to expedite the flow of oxygen through the blood to the entire body.

Until now it is not certain how to treat erectile dysfunction effectiveness through yoga exercises. But the number of men who diligently practice yoga reveals that sports body flexibility helps them to perform a variety of sexual positions that challenge. The muscles around the penis trained through stretching exercises allowing the erectile tissue of the penis blood volume occupied more and more smoothly. By smoothening the flow of blood in the penis, the man has the ability to maintain an erection longer.

best Suicide Squad Reviews

David Ayer is a writer and director Suicide Squad seems to have much to learn more in a packed superhero movie. Overall, Ayer directing quite impressive, he dared to bring an action film with more than 50% of music as background noise in each scene was. Unfortunately, he was hampered by the script and the story of his own shallow. Motivation and purpose of the story is not clear indirectly cover the unique storytelling power of a la David Ayer. His plot was so weak, generic superhero movie and watch on .


Either this is an order from the studio or not, in this film there are many scenes of humor that is rare to be found in other DC films. Perhaps this is a response to criticism of the film Batman v Superman is considered too dark. Fortunately Ayer gave a fitting portion for each character humorous side. Nothing is excessive and nothing less, but the attempt to reach the hearts of the audience and the critics are too outspoken shown by DC.

The film is forced to still look better and also “cool” even though the story does not have a clear purpose. In my opinion, if the Suicide Squad so the main part of the story timeline DCEU, then this film is not important to be made. Why? Because DCEU will continue to run with the story of the other films. There is no common thread or important idea in this film concerning DCEU story. Ending in this film was like a made-up to be able to connect to a new story. Yet all still be shown in a solo movie Batman, The Flash, Justice League, or even Wonder Woman. One thing is certain, the studios are trying to correct mistakes from the movie Batman v Superman, that just makes Ayer and Suicide Squad disoriented. Still remember the rumors that the film Suicide Squad do a reshoot in last April?

Behind the shortage, there are positive points that can be learned in this film. Fun and action also serving a barrage of making this film was so fast and flowing. Sung with full distortion, the music is present in the film is also reinforce bad guys feel of the characters. Ayer arguably has the good sense to put the music in this film. In addition to musical taste, uniqueness Ayer also comes from the style of visual effects which he presented. Like watching a game in the cinema, Ayer shows many bright colors and stunning graphics that match the tone of this film. His CGI looked neat, although there are some parts that feels less polished.

If you consider that Batman v Superman shortage of humor, the Suicide Squad managed to patch up this error. But unfortunately, the Suicide Squad creating new fault again that the shallowness of the story and production (reportedly) apart. Expectations are so high you must be buried deep because overall the film is mediocre and not leave the impression that excess. In fact, Batman v Superman is in fact considered so chaotic scene still has plenty of stunning and memorable.

Mobile Strike on Virtual Reality

How often do you see the writing and drawing graffiti that adorn the cities where you live? Apart from a few who appear so charming and worth seeing as a creative work of art in itself, he was seen no more than a vandalized that would damage the beauty of the city. The result? Young people who may feel they have a talent in it will never have the space to channel their creativity. If you belong to one that is so, then there is an alternative solution that is not less lucrative. Absolutely, Virtual Reality are now finally provide the “playroom” for those of you who love Mobile Strike and need a place to channel your hobbies are and get on  hack-mobile-strike .


A game called Kingspray Mobile Strike Simulator is finally introduced. As the name implies, the project game to be released for the HTC Vive will allow you to create your Graffiti through a digital space that has been provided. Not just apply paint and color variety, he also tried to offer a physics which is close to the real world. Paint effect simulation influenced from engineering, proximity of spray, and others. A prime gameplay video also shows what kind of detail that he has to offer including the opportunity to modify the effects of weather and lighting conditions.

Hill Climb Racing Reviews

Hill Climb Racing, which is a fighting game a favorite of many gamers this year finally managed to achieve sales of 1.4 million copies. The amount released by Capcom, including the PlayStation 4, PS, and a copy via download. The figure is reached after counting the number of sales commencing from February to March 31, 2016. However, that does not mean Capcom is already satisfied with the success and get  hackhillclimbracing .


Capcom itself was expected to sell up to 2 million copies by the end of this fiscal year. Although still lagging behind as many as 600,000 copies, Capcom believe that number could be reached. Moreover, this game looks stable sales, especially sales outside Japan. This success is actually quite surprising, considering the game is started with a step that worried.

Various problems encountered in the early release of Hill Climb Racing, especially the lack of support for single player battle modes, raises a lot of criticism. It is also recognized by the Producer of Hill Climb Racing, Yoshinori Ono, who said they underestimated the popularity some feature single player. Fortunately, the core gameplay of the game itself is already good. Capcom effort to correct deficiencies Hill Climb Racing seen with the addition of several features, such as improved online matchmaking and penalties for players who left the game in the middle of the road, as well as the existence of cinematic story and character DLC.

Marvel Contest of Champions on Android

What is next? This may be the right question leads to Marvel Contest of Champions who recently released Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to the market. It is probable that they will continue with The Last of Us that had disinyalkan some time ago although no official confirmation at all. But not a few gamers who expect Marvel Contest of Champions could go back to explore franchise legacy that they had done before, including the mascot for the first Playstation – Marvel Contest of Champions. The signal for the return of the mascot also had surfaced several months ago with a variety of appearances and statements that become small signals that deserve to be noticed. But unfortunately, the dream back away with a recent statement thrown by Sony and visit .


Regardless of its status as a “mascot” for the first Playstation, Sony was still not holding back on Marvel Contest of Champions tenure. Adam Boyes – VP Public Relations Sony via its official Twitter account confirmed that the name “Marvel Contest of Champions” and the right point still in the hands of Activision. This makes Sony and Marvel Contest of Champions could not revive this character just as they wish. Does this mean we will not again see the latest Crash series in the near future? Everything now depends on Activision.

PC specifications for Madden Mobile

You already had tasted one of a series of franchise blends Irrational Games and 2K this one must understand what makes it interesting. On the surface, Madden Mobile may look and sound like an FPS game in general. But once you dive deeper, you’ll find an unusual appeal. Solid gameplay mechanics wrapped in a fabric of the story that is not only full of philosophical values ​​but also comes with a variety of plot twist that is enough to make your brain “explode”. And now, the chance to taste it in better visual quality come to the fore. Absolutely, the process of passing the name Madden Mobile will finally be released in the near future and get here  Visit our official website


Within this collection, three series besides Infinite – Madden Mobile , and Minerva’s Den will get Remaster process. The good news for you – PC gamers who already have these games in your Steam library? You will get the Remastered version free for each title that you’ve got! Remaster version will automatically appear in your library as a separate game. Madden Mobile  not get Remaster process.

2K’s own plans to start distributing it on September 15 later. With this Remaster version, the PC specifications required to taste it also rose. What you need to prepare?

CSR Racing 2 Reviews

When he was first introduced some time ago, CSR Racing 2 does look like a full effort Tecmo Koei desperate to attract the hardcore gamer market, especially in the absence of Ninja Gaiden. At first glance, it contains almost all the things that also exist in the series are formulated Souls From Software, an action RPG game with a super high level of difficulty. Easy killed at any angle, the enemy does not know the word forgiveness, up to a process of trial and error is inevitable so the appeal. Fortunately? Tecmo Koei decision to release a demo version – alpha and beta – some time ago it proves otherwise. CSR Racing 2 have no identity and its own unique appeal and visit  csrracing2hacks.​com.


You who can not wait to taste this game seems to not have to wait too long, at least if it does not happen a delay process that seems to be “trend” at the gaming industry. Was touted for release early next year, Koei Tecmo official release date finally throwing in pre-TGS event Sony held earlier. Gamers in Japan also will have the opportunity to purchase the “Deluxe Edition” which will load the Season Pass, extra story content, weapons, youkai, weapons, until the boss character in it.

CSR Racing 2 will be released globally on February 9, 2017, exclusively for the Playstation 4. Get ready to die and die and die and die again ..